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What if a dancer becomes a co-choreographer?

A talk with Gabriel Smeets on the Italian premiere of Figure a Sea

Just one hour before the Italian premiere of Figure a Sea – the new choreography by Deborah Hay for the Swedish company Cullberg Ballet, music by Laurie Andersonis – Roberto Casarotto meets the artistic director Gabriel Smeets, who generously chats on the choice and the creation of the performance.

A speech on images, questions, considerations. The image of FREEDOM, of the moment that it’s here and just gone and therefore leads to no repetitiveness – that’s why the dancers start the performance 20 minutes ahead, on the stage, with the audience coming in, never stopping, figuring the space and making themselves being seen. WHAT IF, the disarming questions that Deborah Hay poses to her performers to make them “turn their fucking head”, phasing out the habitual front and imaging to dance on a sky. The thought that the dancers are so involved with their time and way of moving, that they CO-CHOREOGRAPH the piece, leading to new questions on creation and rehearsal rules.

Click on the image to follow a short passage of the thoughtful talk:

Smeets Cullberg - 3

by Lara Crippa
23 August 2016 @Operaestate

Read the interview to Deborah Hay

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