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Videointerview | Yasmeen Godder

Video interview | ABCDance

Yasmeen Gooder is a performer and choreographer based in Israel.
She is at BMotion dance 2014 with a world premiere Lie Like a Lion.

The day after her performace we have interviewed her, together with some dancers from the audience.
Click on the image to listen to what Yasmeen has answered to the following questions:

  • During your dance class at Bmotion you have started with the notion of  ‘fun’. How much fun is there in your performance Lie Like a Lion?
  • You try going out of your comfort zone. What have you found outside of it?
  • Why did you choose a Lion?
  • You were born in Israel, then grew up in New York. Why have you decided to move back to Israel and settle your company there?
  • You often come to Italy. What do you see about contemporary dance here?

Godder videointervista

Yasmeen has also given a dance class to professional dancers. Listen to what she answered to some of their questions related to her choreographic approach:

In Lie Like a Lion Yasmeen was interested to revisit her physical and emotional materials from her personal archive of solos throughout the last 15 years and question them while re-portraying her performative self through them.
Performing with two live musicans: Matan Daskal and Moshe Aharonov, Godder delves into this journey meeting the music of contemporary composers Olivier Messiaen, Nico Muhly and Gal Schuster, using it in its bold and raw live form to further her experiment.

August 21, 2014 – Bassano, Teatro Remondini
by Lara Crippa

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