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28 agosto 2016 Commenti disabilitati su Parkinson’s Class | Sharing experiences Views: 1359 Audio, Interviews, Projects

Parkinson’s Class | Sharing experiences

During Bmotion we met Giovanna Trinca and Elisabetta Cortella, dance teachers, on their last day of «Parkinson’ s Class», the practice of dance for dancers and people with Parkinson.

They started their training in «Dance Well», in 2013, when «CSD-Casa della Danza» of Bassano began to experience the dutch method «Dance for Health&Parkinson».

Today, in Bassano, the practice of dance for people with Parkinson is consolidated, and paved the way for measuring scientifically the benefits and improvements that «Dance Well» can bring.

The two teachers telling us about this next step of training were enthusiastic about the work done with the choreographer Yasmeen Godder on emotions and on the teaching technique called «Floor Work».

But the real revelation was for them Capoeira lessons for people with Parkinson, held by the dancer Ofir Yudilevitch. They said it was an incredible emotion! Not only for the chance of making music with the instruments, and the use of voice and song to create the rhythm, but also for the sense of bond and responsibility that the practice developed within the group.

Giovanna said: «Everybody in the working group are responsible because you make the music, the rhythm and support it, otherwise the dancer is unable to dance. You have to dance improvising, but you also have to be consistent, in tune with who is playing the rhythm. So it establishes a big bond, and a sense of responsibility by all.»

Not just learning new teaching techniques, it was also particularly rewarding for them to see the approach used by teachers proposing their jobs.

In fact, about the work with Monica Gillette they particularly appreciated the empathy that the choreographer used in proposing and conducting the lesson, and the ability to share the freedom and joy of movement that allowed them to bring the best of themselves in the required deliveries, making them feel on «the wave of the music movement».

Here the audio of our conversation (italian speaking).

Trinca e Giovanna


by Rita Borga



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