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Leeds Beckett University Team | Reviews: “Foreign Tongues” by Liquid Loft/Chris Haring

Arrival Day – 18/08/2018
Performance Reviews:Foreign Tongues Creative Review 

Liquid Loft / Chris Haring
18/08/2018: 21:00 
Museo Civico, Bassano Del Grappa
written by Emily Snow

Foreign land. Feet that feel foreign, detached from the body. Detached from somewhere or something or some place where all is unknown and unidentified. What is yet to be understood is right there, beneath the gaze is the promise of something that can’t quite be grasped. The promise that is clear is the open air, open ground, open space. Open to possibilities and open to… I am foreign to this territory, expectations reside as the unknowing ploughs into full force. This space is immersive and whole and encapsulating. It swerves and halts, jaggering its way through the smooth slick air of the bodies within. It’s unpredictable, and impossible to measure, impossible to see, declare, discover, to define. Any attempt too seems void. There is only room for allowing the wave of crashing sound to wash over the head and body, allowing the feet to sink into the grass, eyes to gaze up to the open night sky. To be taken by surprise, by the tumbling and distorting and laughing and silence. This conversation has many voices yet indistinct, indistinguishable, indiscernible. Black liquid, oozing its way through the cracks in conversation. It’s hard to know what they’re saying but the language is familiar to their tongues. restricted and bound by the foreign liquid that is pouring from their limbs, at times it is divided. Broken dialogue with shattered bodies that don’t fit the way they could need too, not knowing what they are apart from what they are being. Maybe being is enough.


Chris Haring, Liquid Loft
Foreign Tongues
Maria Popova

Sculptural bodies, extending, shifting, pulsing, speaking; foreign tongues.
Foreign to me, foreign to you, to him, to her and to them. We, as the audience become implicit in acknowledging our differences. Immersed in the layers of sound, the jittering conversations, hysterical laughter and childish songs, all echoing off the Museum walls in a symphony of structural sound. The space forever evolving, shifting perspective and redirecting the audience’s attention; performers emerge out of nowhere, appear in the crowd to suddenly freeze, and disappear from our direct attention once more. We are drawn to the other end of the courtyard, performers appear on walls, on statues, on pillars, on platforms, they weave, direct and herd the crowd. Rambling, fumbling, chatting and shouting, they perform combinations of gestures, embodying each word of the pre-recorded text. The space moves in a whirlwind fashion, the audience are engaged in a dance of negotiation, moving aside, letting the dancers pass. We follow the flow, finding a place to land, to stand, to sit, to watch, to analyse, to reflect, to consume. Out of nowhere, a bidding war emerges: 30 euros, 30 euro 50, 30.75. but no more than that, not for this. Or for what? What are we bidding for? What are we willing to pay for this moment? For this performance? For this dance? For art? Collectively moving, cracking, breaking apart and then stillness and then silence, and darkness and then us, just strangers who have shared an experience together. We walk away with more questions than answers, but isn’t this exactly where we want to be?

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