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Leeds Beckett University Team | Review: “Local/Not Easy” by Iris Erez

“Local/Not Easy” by Iris Erez
written by Maria Popova

Iris enters the space, confronting the audience, she is nothing else but herself. Raising her hands in a greeting gesture, they begin to move of their own accord; grasping at her body as if it’s not hers. An image of children pulling at mother’s arms, legs, breasts, demanding her body – which is no longer just hers. The work evolves at a steady pace, movement syncopated with storytelling. Iris talks about her life in the village – a stark contrast to the elements of modernity: The use of mobile devices to produce sound, the fluorescent light installation that hangs stage right; symbolic of hospital wards and reminders of modern fertility treatments that root the work into the 21st century. Yet, her movement is primal, evolutionary, born of the female body and a need to break free, be free, to express, to exhaust, to create with the fire that burns from the soul – the fire that becomes ever so fragile when faced with motherhood.

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