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Leeds Beckett University | Review: “A Moment” by Sabine Molenaar

Review of “A Moment”
Sabine Molenaar/Company Sandman
20/08/2018:Cittadella –Palazzo Pretorio
Written by Stephanie Donohoe

Section one

We are directed to a big open space, nothing particularly happening. Ambient sounds and not much light, we take a seat along the back of the room. As we sit down and look up to the balcony on the opposite side of the room we notice two legs, bare legs, our gaze is directed to this distorted figure above us. Suddenly the lighting flickers and we get to see the legs – un-gendered and distorted then slowly move in a circle. They fall and then they are gone.

Section Two

We are directed down some stairs and into a secondary space, searching for action as we move. In a light space, there is a person facing away from us as we enter the room, in the middle of two white screens. One blank, the other with projection of statues. She turns, shuffles, jitters and jerks around the small space, her movement precise. She pauses, like a statue, then she continues to fall, roll and osculate around the small space, her movement precise. She stops, turns and walks towards the door. We notice the projection again and it has changed to show trees. We follow her through the gallery into the next space.

Section Three

As we enter the room is different to the last, it is dark but equally intimate. We already know her, but she begins in-front the of a white screen again. This time the trees are there. She shuffles, Jitters and jerks, manipulating her body, folding and extending – we see her and her physical availability. As she rolls, we see her fold up, she pauses, and we are ushered out.

Section Four

We move together into the darker still space. There is water on the floor, it is bound in by rope, but it manages to leak and escape from underneath it, slightly spilling over into the designated audience space. She enters, in her underwear, we see her body. She does not particularly look at us, but we are with her. The ambient sounds support her slow and beautiful moving, as we notice the water on the floor fragments her beautiful reflection. We see her strength but struggle to maintain her slowness and stillness. We are with her. 
Suddenly the lights cut out and the accompaniment abruptly finishes. There is darkness – as our eyes adjust we see her, in the shadows. She stands and exits.

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photo by Riccardo Panozzo

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