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Dancing Museums | A barefoot journey at Museo Civico Bassano

Bmotion 2016, we are back again at Museo Civico Bassano after one year since the first residency of the European project Dancing Museums. The five dance artists are now occupying five rooms of the museum, living the artworks through their perception.

This time their journey is confined into few paintings or statues, creating five different realities as Art through the centuries had been. The fil rouge has become the visitor, like a common personal tour, barefoot. Our feet are living the architecture as well, bringing with them the cold marble or the warm wood. Maybe also our attention would have liked to be drawn a little be more on those artistic details, focusing on a sole or a big toe, but our guides are creating a three-dimensional tour where the performance has become the eye-glasses.

Dante Murillo (AT) plays with the head of the statues, their expressiveness, their relation with the body; Tatiana Julien (FR) brings the visitor to the ‘dance of the mind’, creating even more interpretation and doubts; Fabio Novembrini (IT) draws the attention on the power of an umbilical cord, swallowing the space architecture; Connor Schumacher (NL) is food for thought with his cunning lecture of the painting; and Lucy Suggate (UK) is a coloured corpse that screams her preservation.

Watch our photo gallery!

  • Dancing Museums - 1
  • Dancing Museums - 3
  • Dancing Museums - 4
  • Dancing Museums - 5
  • Dancing Museums - 6
  • Dancing Museums - 7
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  • Dancing Museums - 19

by Lara Crippa
August 25th, 2016 @ Museo Civico, Bassano del Grappa




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