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Dance & Sounds | «First Body Many» by Iris Erez

Audio interview with Iris Erez | Iris Erez is an Israelian dancer and choreographer. After studying psychology and dance-therapy at University in Israel, she danced with Yasmeen Godder for many years. When she became a mother, this event did not stop her from working, but instead inspired and influenced her creative process. On the occasion of the B Motion Festival in Bassano del Grappa we saw her last work, entitled “First Body Many”, which was performed at the Museo Civico of Bassano. This remarkable work questions Gender, Identity, Motherhood and Femininity. The performance explores and investigates the contrast between clumsiness and grace, superfluous and essential, comic and dramatic, unawareness and awareness. It sounds like an invitation to clean our body and our mind from all the interferences that disturb our perceptions and separate us from ourselves. It sounds like a ticket to ride to a place of love and compassion. Here is our interview with her.

Interview and editing  by Anna Trevisan

First Body Many22 August, 2014 
Operaestate Festival, B.Motion Danza 2014, Musei Civici di Bassano del Grappa
Coreography: Iris Erez
Dancers: Tamar Lamm Kedem, Sharon Zuckerman Weiser
Music: Karni Postel and Tom Darom, Sinead O’connor
Produced by: Machol Shalem


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