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Dance & Sounds | Blind Date. Interview with Arthur Rosenfeld & Liz King

Blind Date | Audio interview with Arthur Rosenfeld & Liz King

Much more than a Blind Date. Much more than a sharing. A strange, unusual and moving encounter has occurred at Saint Bonaventura Church, in Bassano del Grappa. The Masters Arthur Rosenfeld and Liz King danced together in the name of  Naturalness. Ode to Joy, hymn to Life, the performance introduced us to a whole musical score of feelings and thoughts, to a whole range of languages and techniques. From the Art of Camouflage to Simplicity. From the tone of Burlesque, through the path of Pathetic, to the main road of Sympathetic, until the goal of Empathy as key to let Life enter and vibrate into our mental and physical body. Like a streaming of light which is illuminating all the seven Chackra. Like a flash of passionate harmony and tender desire, expressed by a mature language, capable of opening all the doors of Intimacy. A little master piece which has the power of communicating on many levels simultaneously. Here is our interview with the authors.

Text by Anna Trevisan
Interview by Rita Borga and Anna Trevisan
Editing and mixing by Anna Trevisan



23 August, 2014 -B Motion, Bassano del Grappa
Coreography: Arthur Rosenfeld
Dancers: Arthur Rosenfeld, Liz King
Playwright: Ana Teixidò
Special guests: Coro Vecchio Ponte directed by Giovanni Mayer
Promoted and produced by:  Act Your Age project: Nederlandse dansdagen, Dance House Lemesos, CSC Bassano del Grappa 
Supported by: Eu Culture 2007-13 Programme


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