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Biennale Dance | The “vocabulary” of Virgilio Sieni (part...

Virgilio Sieni

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Biennale Dance | The “vocabulary” of Virgilio Sieni

Biennale College–Dance opened yesterday involving the city with its open and closed spaces, its people and over that one hundred dancers.
We had a nice speech with the artistic director Virgilio Sieni about him and his “vocabulary”.
Let’s go and discover his ABCD…starting from A as Architecture.




How do you feel close to Architecture or in which way do you think it belongs to you?

«I’m thinking about Architecture starting specifically from the idea, from the meaning of construction.
Building not just a house but a home, so anything that includes a body, your presence, your way of displacing yourself in an intimate habitat but a hospitable one at the same time.

Architecture conceived as a wide building that approaches a territory, a city planning, a landscape …all this affects me fully, always.

I always think of the body as displaced, belonging to some places.
The same places that very often find their origin from spilling out from fixed borders, or in research and develope it.

Architecture also with the meaning of building movement. My conception of the whole system of body joints and bones is a sort of spiritual architecture: many homes that are being built throughout the body itself.

Therefore architecture related to space, to city are common concepts for me, even starting from the idea of the drawing, from sketches that sometimes are related to the creations.

I sometimes enjoy myself thinking a out designing houses, which I then never build, or tents, camps.»

Even your ideal home?

«Yes, probably my ideal home too, I have the desire to build a house, it could probably represent a nice choreographic gesture.»


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