Biennale Dance | The “vocabulary” of Virgilio Sieni (part...

Biennale Dance | The “vocabulary” of Virgilio Sieni (part...

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Biennale Dance | The “vocabulary” of Virgilio Sieni (part 3)

B as Beauty

What does Beauty mean for Virgilio Sieni?

Sieni often refers to pictorial iconography of “Rinascimento” in his project. We asked him to express his concept related to beauty and if and how this connects to his deep passion for art.


«Beauty is definitely something that doesn’t fit into our age. It is not fashion or attending contemporary clichés. Beauty is something that appears suddenly, it is therefore related to a crumbling of inner experiences, not just personal ones.

I think that the sense of Beauty is very broad. No fixed rules to define Beauty. What is certain is that the word Beauty escapes from me because I recognize certain gestures in certain situations, something that reveals a panorama of measures that are not so obvious, ratified. It’s something that repositions me, that makes me feel that we are moving towards something that doesn’t exist yet. So perhaps Beauty drives all of us towards a continuum of novelty.

I am not referring to a classic Beauty, a classical ideal of beauty, although I sometimes do associate beauty to the measures related to a high sense of “body awareness”, or of the space, in a very contemplating way.

I’m not referring to oddness or to a great idea, but to a genius.
Beauty coincides with genius, I would not know how to define it if not as something that comes from far that is given to us as a gift and that coincides with a gesture, a painting, a work of art.

The genius offers us again images, figures that strike us for an unprecedented format, duration, measures etc. But surely this is a very contemplated and meditated context. So beauty originates from a practice, from a duration in time and perhaps beauty is associated with the slowness of time.»

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