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27 agosto 2020 Commenti disabilitati su B.Motion CONNECTS with Peggy Olislaegers & Lotte van den Berg Views: 1732 Interviews, News, Watch

B.Motion CONNECTS with Peggy Olislaegers & Lotte van den Berg

Peggy Olislaegers meets Lotte van der Berg, Dutch artist member of the collective Building Conversation.
Watch again their talk developed on the interesting and challenging questions posed by Peggy on what it takes to build a conversation.

How can a conversation be an art form in itself?
Is your practice on practicing togetherness?
How do you question the role of the spectator?
Why is it important to expand conversations beyond human beings?
What has time to do with care in the frame that you create?

and the thoughts on words and concept as “equality”, privilege “role fluidity”, “uncomfortable”, “leadership”, “activism”, “responsibility”, “connection”, “space”, “inspiration”.

CLICK on the image to watch the interview

Interviews by Peggy Olislaegers
Filmed and edited by Enya Belak, Aerowaves’ Springback Productions
Created for B.Motion Danza su Zoom, part of Operaestate Festival 2020 – first aired on Zoom in August 2020.

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