Lara Crippa


Bio: She moved her first steps in ballet technique, deepening her curiosity through modern and contemporary dance. With a degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures she worked as marketing and communication manager, also collaborating with UNESCO and the Biennale of Venice to promote Dance projects. She is teaching Ballet, working as dance consultant for e-zines specialized in Social Media Marketing, and writing for her own blog Parole di Danza @parolodidanza besides Sguardi di Danza @corriereveneto and Dance&Culture magazine.

Author Posts:

Il diritto alla danza. Inizia Migrant Bodies-moving borders

5 febbraio 2018 • Danza come diritto di una comunità. Sono queste le parole che più hanno convinto la...

Sivan Rubinstein_Maps_ph Masako Matsushita

Interview | MAPS by Sivan Rubinstein – eng/ita

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BClass 2017 | Hilde Elbers – eng/ita

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