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Yasmeen Godder workshop

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A class with Yasmeen Godder

The day after her world premiere Lie Like a Lion, Yasmeen Godder gave a class to professional dancers.

She based the workshop on three moments:

After walking to open to the outside – to gain both internal and external awareness – Yasmeen asked the dancers to start dialoguing with their own movements, whether they were of happiness or frustration, till they were able to make fun of themselves.

Godder workshop 5
Having reached the silly and ridiculous self, the dancers where then asked to take out the fun and keep only the physical part of it, looking for the information remained in the body in order to research a new vocabulary.

Godder workshop 3
Once found three new movements, dancers had to look for a partner to dialogue through them and be aware of how their new information kept on changing. The physical and emotional interplay was then carried on with different exchanges up to a final sharing.

Godder workshop 10


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