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A class with Liat Waysbort

On the occasion of the presentation of Please me Please at BMotion Dance 2014, Liat Waysbort gave a class to professional dancers.

Her workshop was based on pulling notions out of the body in order to dance not being shy in the pleasure of it.

The warming up was focused on feeding the muscles with energy. Getting aware of the breathe (inhale/exhale), the skeleton (how muscles can soften the bones), the outer space (stay alert through the five senses).

Waysbort workshop 8
The dancers had then to find a ‘spectacular moment’, not surrendering to dance – its structure and beauty – but to deep emotion, accelerating the moment as much as possible and slowing it down without stopping.

Waysbort workshop 3
The spectacular moment was then enriched connecting it with an inner musicality, and exaggerated making it as much cartoonish as possible. Once found this new moment, dancers had to connect with the others to contaminate their movement and rediscover the body: «if you are familiar with what you are doing you are wrong».

Waysbort workshop 10
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