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Papadopoulos workshop

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A class with Christos Papadopoulos

On the occasion of the presentation of Elvedon at BMotion Dance 2016, Christos Papadopoulos gave a class to professional dancers explaining the basics of the concept of motion in his work.
He organized the class into two moments, one focused on directions, the other on bouncing.

During the first part Papadopoulos asked the dancers to walk around, getting aware of the space, changing directions, but always keeping on going forward, almost «eating the space». Things get more interesting when we decide to walk in pairs, copying someone’s direction, learning to create a gate to ourselves: we don’t follow anyone, but are focused on his/her intention; we must take the risk of leading as well, being clear on our direction, always bringing the balance out. Following is boring, connecting is exciting.
The exercise is then expanded to groups of four, then eight, while also playing with speed, accelerating to a running or slowing down to stay tight.

The second part woks on the bouncing on which Elvedon dances. It’s a state of being, something that can’t stop no matter what we are doing, a kind of meditation that stretches our concept of Time. This time too the focus is on the awareness: on the details around us, the rhythm of those close to us, resisting to our inner experiences in order to remain neutral, «stay out», learn to be together.
This is base existence; how can now this bouncing create emotion? Thinking before moving, and getting slowly there. Creation can be found or developed, but through consciousness. So what’s important are not the steps but how people drag us, how connections move us.

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by Lara Crippa

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